Privacy Policy

GoodUp and your personal data

We at GoodUp – who are the makers of this platform – enjoy sharing. But we don’t enjoy sharing your personal data! We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and will undertake anything we can do to keep the personal data you share with us truly private.

We would like to take a moment and explain to you what we use your personal data for; why we do so; and how we protect these data. We use your personal data whenever you use our platform, register your data through it and/our use any of our services. Personal data are data that say something about you and allow you to be identified. Please find explained further down which of your data we process.

We are the data processor of your personal data. Our contact details are

GoodUp BV
Mauritskade 63
1092 AD Amsterdam
the Netherlands
(+31) 20 715 8980

Your personal data on the platform

We use your personal data to allow us to open our platform to you, but we also use them to keep it as user-friendly as possible. In some instances we will either have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data, or be compelled to do so by law.

Using our platform, will require you to create a personal profile with us. The data you provide us with in making that profile allow us to, more specifically, do the following:

– Basic Personal Data – E.g. your name and surname, email address, phone number allow us to address you in the manner you prefer and allow the users of our platform to see who you are. It also allows you to log into the platform and identify yourself.
– Password – This will be encrypted before stored, ensuring that no one else but you knows what it is. And by that we DO mean YOU and NO ONE ELSE. Not even us.
– Profile Data – Your profile features will allow you to share more information about yourself – e.g., there’s the option of adding in your profile picture, or a brief introduction about yourself – and so allow the platform’s other users to see who you are and to allow us to make better project suggestions to you that might take your interest. Please beware, though, that some of these data are sensitive (e.g. pictures).
– Reactions –  In the case you post reactions on activities or initiatives those are shared with other users on that platform.
– Technical Data and User Data – E.g. location data, login dates, registration date and the number of projects launched, donations made, and/or volunteer activities done. These data are particularly important to our statistics and to improve the platform’s usability. But they also help us to suggest projects that might be relevant to you.
– If you are a project initiator looking to acquire donations through the platform, we’ll also need bank details for transferring the donations made to your project.

Your rights

As a user, you will reserve a range of rights in respect of your personal data. This is very important to us. It enables us to allow you to have access to your personal data, and either have them corrected, or request their removal in the easiest way possible. It also offers you the opportunity to object to the processing of your personal data.

Your profile page lists all personal data on you kept by us and offers you the option of downloading and/or correcting any of those data. You can also use the profile page if you’d like us to remove any of the personal data we keep on you, but you can also get in touch with us through one of the channels listed in our contact details (see above) and we’ll be happy to see to their removal.


Privacy is of prime importance to us. To this end, we have taken the technical and organisational measures to ensure that we only process those personal data of yours we require for the specific purpose for which you are using our platform. We take privacy into account in our continued design and development of the platform. We thrive to have our default settings respect your privacy as best they can. Please get in touch with us, should you have any questions on this.


We know that you have a busy life, so we’ll only send you email if you have consented us to do so. If you’d like to unregister to our newsletter, or our project update emails, please do so through your profile page.

We may, of course, send you an email in reply to one of yours, or if you’re using a section of the platform that requires us to send you a confirmation by email. For this, we’ll not need your consent.

Sharing Data

We will not share you personal data for commercial purposes with any third party, without your consent. We will only share your data with a third party if either required to do so by law, or in the event that we believe this to be necessary to protect our rights.

Social Media

We use social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Whatsapp to provide you with information. These entities may also provide us data about you, but that will depend on how your privacy settings are set at that particular social media outlet. In the event that we were to then record any of those (personal) data about you, we will naturally process these in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Secure Payment Environment

It is, of course, vital to us that you are able to safely make your online donation. That is why you will be transferred to a secure page, the moment you begin making your donation. This will prevent others from snooping or eavesdropping on the transaction.

We do not store any banking data, e.g. credit card data, and  all payments will be processed by a reliable Service Payment Provider. We will only store the results for these financial transactions. Your transaction data are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layers) code before being sent over the internet. The ‘https://’ precursor in your address bar will signal your secure SSL connection.

Hosting and Location Servers

We have teamed up with our reliable IT suppliers, Linode and Tilaa in the hosting of our platform. We conclude written arrangements with these suppliers in order to ensure that your rights to data protection are protected. We also ensure that your personal data will not leave the European Economic Area (EEA) and also conclude arrangements with our suppliers in that respect.

Chief Privacy and Internal Privacy Review

Goodup has appointed one of its own as its Chief Privacy. This person has been entrusted with monitoring how we treat personal data at our organisation. The Chief Privacy will check whether our organisation operates in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.

We will regularly (once a quarter) subject our organisation to an internal privacy review. Such a review will be conducted in order to determine why, in what way, and for how long personal data are being processed by us. This will see us map any potential risks this may be exposed and take any such measures as may be required to prevent these from materialising.

Data storage

We will only store any personal data necessary and keep storage periods to a minimum, storing your personal data only for such a length of time as its purpose requires us to. To be compliant the set data storage periods are subjected to a quarterly internal review by our Chief Privacy.

Data Leaks

In the event that, despite all the precautions we’re taking, a data leak were to occur and adversely impact you, we will notify you of such an eventuality as soon as possible (within 72 hours). If required, we will also notify the respective supervisory authorities of such an eventuality as soon as possible (within 72 hours).


This privacy statement pertains to all current uses and future potential of the platform. Any changes made to either the platform, or the services, may lead to the amendment of this privacy statement. That is why we recommend that you regularly check our website for any updates to this privacy statement. Any amendments to this privacy statement will be remitted to you by email and/or published on our website.


Please get in touch with us with any of your questions or suggestions.