Activate your company purpose and empower your people to make societal impact.

GoodUp empowers companies to bring their societal mission to life with technology to build a impactful, innovative, purpose driven business with an engaged workforce.

Start bottom-up purpose initiatives

We implement your platform. Employees and partners start initiatives that they are passionate about on the platform. These initiatives are linked to the company purpose. The platform acts as a marketplace, where supply and demand of purpose initiatives come together.

Bottom up purpose initiatives
purpose matchmaking

Enable skill-based matchmaking

Our platform recommends projects that match personal skills and interests. This way, colleagues join an existing initiative that they like, based on what they’re good at. That is where personal purpose is sparked.

Collaborate, share & visualise impact

Colleagues work together on purpose initiatives, activating your company purpose from the inside. They create authentic impact stories, that showcase your positive societal contribution to new employees, customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

employee collaboration

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