Challenges & Deeds

Encourage your team to build positive habits with challenges that promote sustainability, social impact, diversity & inclusion and well-being:

  • Learn and built a new habit
  • Bottom-up & action-oriented
  • Drive real cultural change

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Boost engagement by organising challenges



Diversity & inclusion

Small deeds with
big impact

Building habits and creating positive change can be easy if you start with small actions. Take a behaviour you want, make it small, find where it fits naturally in your life, nurture its growth, and celebrate success.

  • Easy to participate
  • Gamification & nudges
  • Act on values you care about

Based on behavioural change research

Based on the Behavior Model by BJ Fogg, the founder of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University. He tested the habit design process with more than 40,000 people during 20 years of research and refinement.

Create a chain of positive actions

Enable employees to act on their passion by meaningfully contributing to the activities they care about and let them inspire others to do the same:

  • Share pictures & videos
  • Share by mail
  • Share on internal collaboration tools

Admin & reporting made easy

Employees can see their actions on the profile dashboard, and you can see the collective impact of all deeds combined.

Track participation divided by region, offices, departments and functions. Learn which activities are popular among your employees.

  • Start challenges and invite to join
  • Invite employees to start challenges
  • Track participation and impact

It’s all about lowering thresholds and leveraging success stories.

Alexander Heijkamp, CSR Director Athlon Nederland

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Adds up to big social, personal and business impact

  • Developing new skills and behavioural habits
  • Building teamwork and connected culture
  • Improving employee engagement and sense of belonging
  • Creating meaningful impact on the person, the business and society

Experience the platform yourself

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