We’re organising something big…


by GoodUp Info

We’re in the business of helping organisations to do good, better. So we’re talking to a lot of CSR managers, Sustainability Directors, Innovation managers and board members in general. We feel privileged to hear so much about what is going on at large corporates, and we frequently get the request if we can organise a meetup. To connect offline. And that’s what we’ll do on the 5th of October this year. And more!

We invite all CSR, Sustainability, HR and Innovation-managers (and board members) to join us on the Purposed Conference. The main topic will be ‘how to put Purpose into Action’. What does this mean? We believe that the future belongs to organisations that have a clear purpose and act on it. And we’re not alone in this believe.

Acting on purpose goes beyond CSR, HR and sustainability. Millennials (both as potential customers and as employees) want to buy from and work at places that they feel happy and good about. In a world where actions have more consequences than ever before, people start to acknowledge the power that they have. And with power comes responsibility. What do you and your organisation do?

What will be on the program? We’ll learn from the people who are doing good and doing it incredibly well. Get and give practical advice in break out sessions where we’ll discuss successes and failures. And do some valuable networking by allowing us to arrange the speed date you always wanted to have (businesses only).

This is an invite only event. So no tourists and sales pitches allowed. Want to join this event (alone, or with a CSR/HR/Sustainability or Innovation colleague)? Request an invite by sending an email to us, see the Contact link link in the footer below.

We’re looking forward to the event, hope to see you there. And of course we will share some insights with you afterwards!

Bart Lacroix & Anna Chojnacka

Founders GoodUp