Giving & Collecting

Invite employees to give back to their communities and support causes that they care about by raising money or collect items for their initiative.

  • Donate easily and seamlessly
  • Streamlined fundraising and collection of goods
  • Secure and efficient disbursement

Unleash the power of giving

Giving is a powerful way to make a difference in the world, and our platform makes it easy for employees to support the causes they love. By providing a secure and easy-to-use platform, we are making it simple for employees to donate to the initiatives they care about.

Take it to next level with corporate matching

Corporate matching is a great way to increase employee engagement and boost donations. Our platforms show that on average corporate matching increases donations from employees by over 100%.

Extra boost with fundraising & rewards

Our all-in-one platform makes it easy for employees to start fundraising campaigns to support the cause you care about. Just like in crowdfunding you can add rewards to your campaign as incentives offered by the fundraisers to backers in exchange for their support.

Emergency response

In moments of crisis, our platform provides immediate donation opportunities for employees to support those in need.
Whether it’s a natural disaster or a public health emergency, our platform allows employees to quickly and easily start a campaign and invite their colleagues.

Collecting goods

The platform also makes it easy for employees to collect goods for those in need. From clothing and food drives to toy and book donations, our platform streamlines the process and makes it easy for employees to get involved.
This helps employees to feel a sense of connection to their community and make a tangible difference.

Secure giving & Payouts

The platform handles all aspects of Know Your Customer (KYC) and payouts, so employees can donate easily and seamlessly.
You can have peace of mind that your donations are getting where they need to be in the most secure and cost-effective way for your business and nonprofits.

Admin & reporting made easy

The platform makes it easy for admins to streamline and automate tasks and automatically generate reports.
This helps to boost the efficiency of your giving and matching program and save time, leading to a greater program ROI.

Transavia wants to reduce its CO2 emissions and at the same time keep flying accessible to everyone. With our new platform WeCare, every Transavia employee can contribute to this goal by creating and supporting sustainable solutions.

Arjen Kieskamp, VP Ground Services Transavia

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The power of giving

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Boost donations, fundraising & collection of goods
  • Secure and efficient disbursement
  • Automated admin and reporting tasks
  • Societal impact and increased brand loyalty

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