The platform is designed to engage employees and promote a culture of wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Fosters a positive work environment
  • Improved employee well-being initiatives
  • Measurable impact on employee well-being

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Challenge employees to improve their wellbeing

Step challenge

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Run your
wellbeing in one place

The platform provides one central, inclusive place where everyone can access resources, learn and act on issues related to wellbeing:

  • Gather valuable insights from your employees
  • Manage and support Employee Wellness Programs
  • Track well-being initiatives and their impact

Employee Wellness Programs

An employee wellness program is an employer-led initiative that promotes a positive work environment and supports the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of employees. The platform allows Employee Wellness Program leaders to:

  • Effectively manage and promote the program
  • Take action to improve employee wellbeing
  • Plan and host events and activities
  • Track progress and impact

Employees and health


53% of employees reported that work-related stress caused them to miss days of work


30% of employees feel that their workplace does not support their physical and mental well-being


64% of employees feel that their leaders don’t do enough to promote a culture of well-being

Reporting made

HRM can track engagement and measure the impact of their well-being initiatives, allowing for continuous improvement.
The analytics and reporting features provide companies with a clear understanding of employee engagement and the impact of the wellbeing efforts.

A healthy
workforce brings

Fostering a positive and respectful work environment where individuals can thrive leads to enhanced employee well-being, stronger interpersonal connections, and increased productivity.

  • Improve employee experience
  • Promote wellbeing awareness
  • Increase productivity and employee engagement
  • Attract & retain top talents

Experience the platform yourself

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