Diversity &

The platform is designed to engage employees to drive change and create a more inclusive workplace culture.

  • Fosters inclusivity and builds community
  • Improved diversity & inclusion initiatives
  • Measurable impact on diversity and inclusion

Engage employees on diversity & inclusion

Women in Tech

Young Professionals


One central inclusive place

The platform provides one central, inclusive place where everyone can belong, learn and act on issues that matter to them:

  • Gather valuable insights from your employees
  • Manage and support Employee Resource Groups
  • Track diversity & inclusion initiatives and their impact

Employee resource groups (ERGs)

An employee resource group (ERG) is an employee-led group that fosters inclusivity and builds communities to support underrepresented employees in the workplace. The platform allows Employee Resource Group leaders to:

  • Effectively manage your groups
  • Take social action
  • Plan and host events
  • Track your progress & impact

Employees and belonging


51% of employees who left their jobs didn’t feel a sense of belonging


24% of employees feel that they don’t “belong” within the organisation


69% of employees feel that their leaders don’t do enough to promote an inclusive team environment

Reporting made

HRM can track engagement and measure the impact of their diversity & inclusion initiatives, allowing for continuous improvement.
The analytics and reporting features provide companies with a clear understanding of their employees engagement and the impact of the Diversity & Inclusion efforts.

Track, measure and drive impact & business success

Fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment where individuals can thrive leads to enhanced employee well-being, stronger interpersonal connections, and increased productivity.

  • Enhance employee experience
  • Promote cultural awareness
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • Attract & retain top talents

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