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Simple, flexible and affordable


Your own, open platform on with all basic features

  • Fast implementation
  • Basic customisation with your logo and look & feel
  • Basic functionalities and basic support
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Your personalised platform on your own domain, closed or open with additional features

  • Personalised platform on own domain, closed or open
  • Login for partner organisations
  • Advanced customisation in look & feel
  • Customized engagement and activation programme
  • Additional insights reporting
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with custom features


Your platform with many advanced features and customisation options

  • All of Standard, plus...
  • Advanced, customizable features such as specific pages for themes, countries, offices
  • Advanced reporting
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Every plan includes:

A do-good platform in your look & feel

Dashboard showing realised results and impact

Basic support from our Customer Success team

Strategy workshop to set goals and ambitions

24h access to our support helpdesk

Secure technology that integrates with your systems

Compare the plans

  • Platform features Lite Standard Professional
    • Basic platform customisation: platform branded in your organisation's style
    • Project creation: a great idea put into action
    • Personal profile: account with personal skills, expertise and purpose
    • Crowdfunding: collecting donations from your colleagues
    • Fundraising: organise a fundraiser to support a crowdfunding project
    • Crowdsourcing: matching employees’ time and expertise to projects
    • Communication on platform: sharing updates about projects
    • Roles: multiple levels of authorisation
    • Integration with corporate collaboration channels
    • Project voting: enable voting for projects to be selected as winner or to get extra support
    • Matchfunding: reward projects with a bonus if goals are reached
    • Connect with HR programmes on volunteering & personal development
    • Third party access: integrate projects from external parties (partner organisations, charities, NGOs)
    • Projects across boundaries: collaborate with other organisations
    • Category pages: page for each country, region, department or sub-brand
    • Disaster relief: start a fundraise campaign fast to gather help following a disaster Optional Optional Optional
    • Payroll giving: an easy way to gather donations for a good cause via your employees' payroll Optional Optional Optional
  • Support Lite Standard Professional
    • Technical support: issue handling according to Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Engagement Helpdesk available
    • Access to Customer Support Centre
    • Automatic Product Updates and continuous improvement
    • Data export: real-time reporting on the most important metrics
  • Activation Lite Standard Professional
    • Inspiration booster: introduce employees to the programme and get them excited to submit or support projects Optional
    • Project bootcamp: get your employees informed and ready to start campaigning Optional
    • Challenge: an interactive competition whereby teams are challenged to solve interesting cases Optional
    • Ambassador programme: select and train people who want to help the programme flourish Optional
    • Train-the-Trainer toolkit: scale up your programme by learning the traits Optional
    • Project database: get custom access to GoodUp's network of project-initiators Optional
    • CSR partner database: get custom access to GoodUp's CSR partners Optional
    • Co-creation: get your people together to spend one day on solving a do-good case Optional
  • Communication Lite Standard Professional
    • Branding & identity: make your platform stand out by having it's own branding Optional
    • Animation video: create your own introduction video for the platform Optional
    • Campaign content, images and videos: create material to boost platform use Optional
    • Storytelling: share the successes of your platform through videos and mini-magazines Optional
  • Tracking Lite Standard Professional
    • Real-time statistics on overall progress and results of projects
    • Results visualisation on project- and programme-level
    • Tracking of employee volunteering hours, tasks and donations
    • Monthly meeting with Customer Succes Manager: monitor programme and advice
    • Bi-weekly meetings with Engagement Manager: monitor programme & advice
    • Yearly strategy meeting & advice
    • Analytics report: how programmes are run (filters available)
    • Impact report: results generated by projects Optional
    • Multidimensional data export
    • Platform analytics dashboard to monitor KPIs
    • Customisation of reporting metrics

Spice up your program with

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Disaster has struck and you want to do something right now. Let’s start that crowdfunding campaign tonight and show how much your organisation will match to help those affected.



Do you have a bunch of competitive colleagues who just love to win? Let’s use this competitive spirit and do some good!

Real-time statistics

Real-time statistics

Get a platform analytics dashboard to monitor your KPIs and see real-time statistics on overall progress and results of projects.

Not quite ready for
the big bang?

Let’s start with a GoodUp workshop! You might have a clear vision of what your company should be doing, but you can’t seem to get it across. Let’s team up, get the organisation on board and make a plan!

Not quite ready for <br>the big bang?