The Purpose Economy

We live in an era of great global challenges. The purpose economy has the potential to tackle them.

Purpose: where your core skills as an organisation or individual make positive societal impact.

Almost everyone is ready to tackle global challenges via purpose

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90% of employees are willing to earn less to work with purpose

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63% of consumers prefer to purchase from purpose-driven brands

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80% of CEOs agree that a company’s future growth and success will hinge on a values-driven mission that balances profit and purpose

More and more companies play an active role in the purpose economy

Companies are the biggest potential force for positive change. By definition, a purpose-driven company delivers solutions to societal challenges. This benefits all of us: investors, employees, customers, society and our planet.

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The SDGs are a universal call to tackle societal challenges by 2030. At the current rate we will not make them. That’s why the purpose economy needs to accelerate.

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To accelerate the purpose economy, businesses need to transform, and embed purpose in their core.

A surprisingly low amount of companies is currently able to act on their purpose. 78% of executives believe their businesses are failing to deliver on social purpose pledges and 14% of CEOs don’t even know where to start or how to make more impact with their business.

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To activate a company purpose sustainably, you need to start from the core of your company with the stakeholders that are the closest: your employees.

Most employees are part of the ‘act-now generation’. For a purpose strategy to work, it must allow employees to act.


GoodUp helps purpose-ready companies to activate their purpose.

Our solution unleashes the purpose potential of your employees and helps them to act. We implement our purpose marketplace and act as a mentor, while you scale your actions and create consistent impact, together with employees.

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