Purposed Meetup Kenya

Purposed Meetup Kenya | November 30th


by GoodUp Info

Yay, the Purpose journey continues! After two very successful Purposed meetups: the Conference in Amsterdam and the Purposed Meetup in Copenhagen, we’re very excited to announce that we will host Purposed Meetup Kenya on the 30th of November.

GoodUp has started a series of networking events in Kenya to grow and develop the local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) environment. GoodUp’s African office is based in Nairobi and we’re inviting CSR professionals to our first Purposed Meetup in Kenya.

Sharing our experiences and learnings

What will be on the menu? First of all, we’re introducing GoodUp to the audience. Secondly, as a new player in the Kenyan market, we’d like to share our vision and plans. Finally, we’d like to spread knowledge, we’ll share experiences about growing CSR and how to successfully boost employee engagement.

Together we’ll answer the question: What should be the next steps in CSR in Kenya?

Stay tuned on our social channels to learn more about what’s going on in Kenya!

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