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Purpose is eternal, CSR just temporary


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Purpose is really booming! It’s a major topic at all current CSR and HR events. De Droomfabriek organised Purposeday last week. Our Business Director Wouter Bakker hosted a session at the event. Rene Koop, one of our Business Developers, joined the event as well. He gathered some interesting insights for all of you who didn’t get to join the event.

Learnings from Purposeday 2017

After hearing all the presentations and discussions, we can conclude that Purpose is eternal and CSR just temporary. This bold summary needs a little explanation. Read on to learn all about the findings of Purposeday.

1. “Purpose should be found, not invented” – De Droomfabriek

Since purpose is so trending these days, one might think that it is something that should be thought of and created. Successful companies with a clear purpose have always been strongly connected to this purpose. Even if this purpose is or was not articulated clearly before. De Droomfabriek explains: “Purpose is something that you find because it’s there already. It’s not something that you invent or design”. This holds as well on a personal level. Many people who ‘have found their purpose’ concluded that they always had it, but only became aware of it recently. Their awareness of their purpose enabled them to act on it and make strong and focused decisions. Just as successful purpose driven corporates do.

2. Yoni is happy to be crushed by Unilever – IF this realizes their purpose

Yoni co-founder Mariah Mansvelt Beck, shared how she is working out the Yoni-purpose to ban chemicals from intimate personal care products – ‘What is in the box is on the box’. To show her true dedication to her purpose, she shared an inspiring anecdote.

Someone from Unilever once remarked that Yoni could be easily crushed by a FMCG giant such as themselves. Mansvelt Beck response would surprise you. She stated “Excellent! I invite you to do so. If you are successful, then my mission is fulfilled”.

3. “CSR managers should make themselves obsolete” – Triodos

Triodos shares the mindset of Yoni.  Raphael Nouwen, Senior Relations manager of Triodos, stated “If you want to become purpose driven, CSR managers should aim to make themselves obsolete.”.

Both Mansvelt Beck and Nouwen state that CSR would be temporary in an ideal world. Having a positive impact on the world should be the standard, rather than destroying our world. We’re still a long way from that desired end state. 

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For the time being: Let’s team up for change! 

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