Diwy Crowdfunding New York Marathon

How our Diwy fundraised 7k in 1 month


by GoodUp Info

“Acting on your purpose” is not only a marketing slogan at GoodUp: our crew really cares about doing good, in their professional life as well as in their personal life. Let’s share another purpose story of one of our crew-members: Diwy Tomassen. Last week, she ran the New York Marathon to raise funds for Ninos de Guatemala via crowdfunding. This foundation works to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala by providing Education to children in need.

Show your blood, sweat & tears

Diwy is part of the international board, so you could say she is a ‘senior member’ of the organisation. Instead of just asking around for donations, she is really actively participating and showing her own ‘blood, sweat & tears’ to her friends, colleagues and family in order to raise money. And we all know it: that really works. Let’s learn how she fundraised 7k in 1 month.

3 Best practices in crowdfunding

Diwy is part of our Customer Success team, she’s very experienced in crowdfunding and -sourcing. She shares with us her 3 best practices on how to turn your campaign into a success:

1. Don’t ever ‘not ask’
“Crowdfunding can feel embarrassing at times; asking money is always hard. Just remember, people can decide themselves if they like you or your organisation but always-always-always ask: you never know! The most embarrassingly horrid conversation I had in which I felt like I stuttered through my pitch and had no answers ended up bringing in a 500€ donation!”

2. Set up a team
“Asking others to help increases the fun that you have in your campaign. Seeing other people actively promote your organisation gives you tons of energy that you will desperately need whilst running around asking everyone and their mothers for donations.”

3. Practice your pitch
“I know its a cliche but if you can’t explain why someone should donate in under a minute, you’ve already lost a potential donor. It seems so logical, but it’s what ultimately makes or breaks your campaign so practise-practise-practise!”

1%Club is one of the crowdfunding platforms by GoodUp

Diwy crowdfunded via www.onepercentclub.com. 1%Club is a public crowdfunding platform that many of you already know. It has been around for about 8 years now. The technology, the ‘behind the scenes’, is provided by GoodUp. GoodUp builds these kinds of platforms. Both open and closed. The platform of 1%Club is open, but we also have build many closed (hidden) platforms for our clients Booking.com, Deloitte, Accenture and Shell.

How to start crowdfunding

Crowdfunding – it looks so easy but it takes quite some effort to create a successful project as Diwy illustrated in her quotes as well. How can you start crowdfunding if you have a brilliant idea or when you just want to support a good cause?

Well, there are 2 ways:

1. As a consumer (which we all are, of course), you can start or support a project on the public platform onepercentclub.com.

2. As a business, you can enable your employees to start or join projects on your own do-good platform! Let’s get started with building a platform for your organisation.

And last but not least: did you miss Diwy’s campaign but you want to contribute to providing better education for kids in Guatemala? You can support the kids of Guatemala by donating or better yet, become a padrino and start supporting a child one-on-one!