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Give it away now: the importance of doing good (with the right software)


by GoodUp Info

In a 2012 interview, Geoff McDonald, who at the time was the global vice president of human resources at Unilever, spoke of something he believed to be missing when it came to organisations and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

“What I think is lacking, as I look around, is that aspect of how can you shift the culture of whatever organisation you are a part of to really get your employees … to a stage where they are not only aware around sustainability issues, but they now feel engaged to take action,” he said.

At GoodUp, we stand alongside this statement. Acts of corporate giving and volunteering have in relatively recent years transformed into something more sophisticated, from simple donations to actions, from side projects to an integral part of running a business. It’s no longer enough to write a check. You and your employees need to be out there, in the world, doing something that matters. Making change happen.

But here’s the million-dollar (or even billion-dollar) question:

What steps can you take to arrive at the stage McDonald describes, where employees are not only aware of, but have also developed an emotional attachment, a personal engagement, with sustainability issues? And, once there, how do you begin to organise, much less monitor, the aspirations of potentially thousands of employees?

The answer lies with the right software, which will automate this process while simultaneously guiding purpose-driven projects that your employees can create and join based on what matters to them. They’ll be doing their part in making a societal impact that is also closely aligned with your business. They’ll have a purpose, and they’ll actively be working toward that purpose’s end goal.

And remember, when employees have a purpose, they are happy. When employees are happy, they are effective. And effective employees are great for your bottom line. It’s a win-win-win — for the employee, for the organisation, for the world.

Rather than risking a jam-packed, chaotic, ineffective agenda — an agenda that is a constant juggling act — a good platform matches volunteers with projects. It shows, in real time, all progress and results of these projects in an easily readable, digestible, and shareable format. The time you’ll save can be put toward starting more CSR projects, finding more people to join those projects, and ultimately more good deeds done.

The right software means you’ll be more in tune with what the world needs. And that leads only to good things, because doing good is good for business.

McDonald, in the past, has stated that Unilever uses a “lens of sustainability” to tackle new projects, resulting in products that are not only popular with consumers, but are also better for the environment — hair conditioner that uses less water, for example.

“There is a very big role for those that influence the culture, the behaviors in organisations to step up and in a more active way support specialists in the area of sustainability so that their aspirations can be embedded within an organisation,” McDonald said.

So why not step up? Take on that role. Start looking at your business through the lens of sustainability. Do yourself, your employees, and the world a favor.

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