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How Deloitte uses GoodUp tech to help autistic students


by GoodUp Info

Via the Deloitte Impact Foundation, Deloitte employees use their knowledge, energy and talents to have a positive impact on society. That sounds great, right? But how does this actually work, what projects are initiated and what are the results? Deloitte shares one of their projects to answer these questions. Watch the video or read all about it in this blog.

99% salesforce instructor, 1% superhero

Meet Jan Vreedenburgh, Salesforce Instructor at Deloitte. 99% salesforce instructor, 1% superhero for autistic students. He had a brilliant idea to help these students better their changes in the labour market.

“I read about this cool foundation in our local newspaper. The ITvitae foundation helps people with autism to find suitable employment. I felt that this would be something I could contribute to. So I called them and asked if it would be of value if I added a Salesforce training. They were enthusiastic, so I discussed this internally with Deloitte. And that’s when I posted my project on the platform of the Deloitte Impact Foundation.”

Colleagues join project via Deloitte platform

To take his idea into action, Jan posted his project on the platform. “After my project was approved, participants applied. Several colleagues expressed their wish to be part of this project. We started, and very soon we were able to give our first lesson.”

Positive impact on people’s lives

One of the students taking the Salesforce lessons, shares what it means to him: “I have renewed hope of getting a job. I’m able to look forward again. I didn’t have a positive outlook for the past few years. I thought; how can I find work again? How could I reclaim my place in the job market again? And how can I regain my place on the social ladder?”.

Another student said “It has given me so much more confidence. I have learned so much in a short period of time and now I’m able to carry out assignments for several clients.”.

Doing good within your job

Jan explains how doing good within his job gives him great job satisfaction. “What really gives me the satisfaction is that we are changing peoples’ lives for the better. This one percent of our time makes a difference to nine people. That’s incredible. For myself and my colleagues, this is an amazing experience. The satisfaction of doing something that really matters.”

More corporates doing good

Just like these story of the students being positively impacted, GoodUp wants to have a positive impact of the lives of 1 billion people in 2020. How do we, as GoodUp, realise this? By building even more platforms such as the Deloitte Impact Foundation platform for corporates. We’ve build platforms for, Rabobank, DLL, Shell and Accenture. Do you work at a corporate, and would you like to start doing awesome projects with colleagues? Give us a call!