Harness purpose to make societal impact

From impact reporting to growing you CSR program support. Leverage the purpose of your company and your people to power your CSR activities.

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Collect and manage all your CSR initiatives in one place

No more scattered initiatives. Easily collect all of your (and your partners’) running projects in one place. Empower everyone to contribute to your company’s societal impact. Spend less time on administration and more time on reaching your goals.

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Anniek Mauser
Sustainability Director Unilever Benelux

“When you see that 90% of the people has participated actively on the platform in only a couple of months, then you know that this was the right route and it can really be done.” – Unilever

Grow a large community of involved colleagues

Find those colleagues that are eager to make an impact, and empower them to join an initiative. Or let them start their own initiative bottom-up, allowing them to include other colleagues with the right skill set. Together with GoodUp, create a self expanding ambassador network within your company.

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Marianne Gybels
Global Manager Corporate Social Responsibility Booking.com
“GoodUp’s tools and expertise ensure that we can activate our employees and share the results and impact of the Booking Cares programme.”

Visualise and report on your impact

Export platform data for easy monthly and yearly impact reporting. Connect your programs to the SDGs, show results and share tangible social impact success stories.

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