Your Community Engagement solution

Just as flowers cannot bloom in an unhealthy or hostile environment, your organisation cannot grow to its full potential when its environment is not engaged and supportive. Your organisation needs a healthy community with strong and supportive local relationships. This will benefit many aspects of your organisation: license to operate, boosting business results and visible impact in local communities.

Community engagement GoodUp - boost License to operate

Secured license to operate

Your organisation is situated in a certain location and context, with which you need to cooperate and maintain good relations. On top of this, you want to have a positive impact on your environment. This can be challenging due to conflicting interests. With our Community Engagement solution, you’ll be able to build strong and fruitful relations with the communities that you are involved in. Securing your local license to operate.

Our solution enables you to boost your community engagement. Start doing good with your communities and local governments. Enable parties and individuals to start or join projects with great impact and execute these together. Raise funds for special causes, initiating volunteering projects or co-create with the community. The Have ongoing conversations with your community and environment while building the strongest relationships.

Three major benefits:

  • Improved local license to operate
  • Increased visibility of your activities and efforts
  • Larger reach and impact of your effort
Community engagement GoodUp - improve license to operate