Accenture Make a Difference Battle with GoodUp - boosting employee engagement & doing good

Accenture’s employees battle to make the biggest Difference


by GoodUp Info

Reducing food waste, saving the rainforest, and boosting skills and motivation for disadvantaged kids. Accenture’s employees have been quite busy during the Making a Difference Battle. Contributing positively to society, while developing valuable skills at the same time. A win-win situation for both Accenture and society. Read on to learn more about this battle.

Finals Making a Difference Battle appoints volunteering and crowdsourcing winners

On the 20th of April 2018, the finals of Accenture’s Making a Difference Battle take place! For the past six weeks, Accenture’s employees supported ten awesome projects with their time and knowledge, making a real difference for those involved.

During the finals, the winners will be selected and receive a monetary prize for their project’s organisation. The Battle has two types of projects: Hands-on and Expertise-based. Employees could either support projects with their time (volunteering) or with their specific expertise (crowdsourcing). The former enables employees to deliver a direct impact and to  develop skills that would normally not necessarily be part of their job. The latter, in general, ensures a more sustainable impact on a project.

Inspiring do-good projects boost employee engagement

For many organisations, it is challenging to find projects that employees are interested in. Accenture did a great job by offering employees the chance to get involved in projects that have a positive impact on society, but also offer interesting opportunities to develop their personal and professional skills.

The two-month challenge was kicked off on a Friday afternoon with drinks, bites and a lot of energy from the project leads. All projects were submitted via the Do Good platform (see photo), where interested colleagues could register. The teams consist of a great mix of functions and departments to support the projects in various ways. From design thinking, to developing franchise models and setting up partnerships. During a co-creation day, the teams were offered expert sessions on design thinking, storytelling and business development for NGOs. These activities resulted in great employee engagement. So, without further ado, let’s introduce some of these cool projects!

Team Buurtbuik filled 285 bellies in Amsterdam

Buurtbuik is committed to reducing food waste and feeding people who can use some extra meals. They do so by collecting leftover food from restaurants and supermarkets. From the food they save, a free meal is made for local residents who can use a nice lunch or dinner. Buurtbuik has a strong social function. Although everyone can come and eat at the Buurtbuik, they find that especially people on a low budget join them. They are building a strong network in the southern neighbourhood of Amsterdam.

During the Battle, 285 bellies were filled as well as 295 shopping bags. An unexpected result of the challenge is the new partnership that has been established between Buurtbuik and Accenture. Together, they will be working on combating food waste and Accenture has committed to donating leftovers to Buurtbuik Zuid every Friday.  

Team Brainforest improves local knowledge to save the rainforests

Brainforest wants to give the rainforest back to the orangutan. Palm plantations are a major problem. The Brainforest team helps local communities explore alternative ways of making a living and  monetise their forest. By providing an alternative, Brainforest ensures that local communities will both be able to grow economically in a sustainable way. Education will result in advocates who enable local communities to share the knowledge and gain greater awareness. This will create a positive impact on people, nature, and animals.

Some other Battle projects are:

  • PLAN International, developing a replicable, scalable and ‘impact-trackable’ Girls in ICT Day initiative.
  • CodeMasters, a community of colleagues who teach coding skills to the next generation;
  • Playing for Success, which helps children who can use some extra motivation and skills (IT, language, math) to build their future. It’s connected to a fun soccer theme, making learning so much more fun!;
  • Future Leader Programme, which empowers Moroccan-Dutch children in the final phase of their secondary education by offering training in 21st-century skills;
  • De Normaalste Zaak, providing masterclasses for businesses that strive to hire people with disabilities;
  • The Colour Kitchen aims to design a scalable (restaurant) hospitality concept; and,
  • Syrious Work, a foundation that retrains refugees with a craft in carpentry so that they can practice their profession in the Netherlands.

Stay tuned to find out which team won the finals!