Purpose, because business needs it.

GoodUp helps you bring your company purpose to life. We enable everyone in your company to start, join and share meaningful activities that make positive impact.

Why purpose-driven businesses are the future

The impact of a business extends beyond the bottom line to individuals, communities and the world around them. A business can only be profitable via successful relationships with all of these stakeholders. And their demands have changed.

Employees are looking for companies with purpose, Customers are looking for sustainable, fair, honest products. Even investors are investing now in impact companies. A new approach to disruption, purpose-driven innovation, is needed to drive business growth moving forward.


We help you to activate your people on your company purpose in every purpose maturity phase.

With our all-in-one purpose platform you’ll advance through the five phases of purpose maturity.

Companies where an impact-driven C-level executive sparks a sustainable transformation. Usually marked by the appointment of a CSR role.

Our platform gives purpose changemakers a perspective to act.

Companies where a CSR strategy has been established, who run 1 or more impact programs.

Our platform acts as a central space to crowdsource impact ideas, and match company impact goals with personal passions.

CSR strategy is brought to the core. HR, Marketing, Comms and the C-suite are involved.

Our platform captures impact stories, connects employees based on shared passions and measures impact.

The internal organisation is fully engaged on the company purpose, and external stakeholders are involved.

Our platform connects stakeholders inside and outside the organisation, and measures input and output metrics.

Companies that have purpose fully embedded in their DNA. They are out to transform consumer behaviour.

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A solution for your purpose need

Advance to the next phase of purpose maturity with:

Impact program management

Organise your program, effortlessly. Onboard and activate all employees easily, provide skill-based activities and small deeds.

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Purpose activation

Transform purpose into behaviour. Drive action and track your success with our complete purpose activation platform suite.

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