Hi! Let us introduce ourselves

Let's team up
for change

“Future companies will only make profit when they connect their growth to solving a world problem”

– Prof. Michael Porter, Harvard Business School

Purpose Up the World
Power of the crowd

The way we look at it

We believe we can solve problems better by activating the power of the crowd

What opportunities do we see in the world?

There is a
huge reservoir of
do-good potential
waiting to be tapped

Do good potential

How are we going to make a difference?

Do good, better

We match visionaries (people with great ideas) to achievers (people who want to use their time, money and skills to do something awesome). On our platforms, both parties meet and make plans to realise ideas. We encourage everyone to make a positive change in line with their purpose. 

Do good better
Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

In 2030 our GoodUp platforms engage 1 billion people to live up to their purpose.

Meet the team

Do-good is our middle name

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