Community Engagement

Why community engagement is essential


by GoodUp Info

As a business, it can be easy to miss the forest for the trees. You’re focused on your customers and your employees — and, of course, your day to day operations.

You’re busy, you’re on the move, and you’re not taking the time to take in your surroundings, to observe who and what makes your community. And to discover how you can create a relationship with that community that is symbiotic. This relationship is important, to say the least. Without an engaged and supportive community, your organisation simply cannot reach its full potential. By doing your part to ensure that your community is healthy and thriving, you are in turn setting your organisation up for success.

Your community’s support will benefit you in the following ways:

License to operate

It’s painfully obvious when the only thing that matters is money. People aren’t stupid, and if they feel taken advantage of, your bottom line is due for a gut punch.

On the other hand, businesses which are well liked, which are held in high regard, which benefit the community — in ways that are genuine and heartfelt — now, those businesses stay businesses. They become assets. They become integral. They stick around for the long run.

If an organization engages its community in a positive manner, it is sure to catch the attention of local government, which will see to it that you secure all necessary licenses need to operate.

Get noticed

If people see that you’re doing good (and not only that, but that your organization wants to do good), they’ll be talking about you. And almost nothing beats word of mouth, from a marketing perspective. An engaged community will increase your visibility, whether that’s on a local, national, or international level. Increased visibility, in turn, will allow you to run your business as effectively as possible.

Reach out

Community engagement, according to a blog post by Bang The Table, is “both a process and an outcome.” This means that your organization is never truly finished when it comes to making a difference. An engaged community is indeed an end goal, but at the same time, your relationships within that community must always be developing, improving, and you must constantly be making an impact.

A supportive community, then, is not only a goal, but also fuel that will allow you to continue along your current, hopefully sky-high, trajectory. It’s a catch 22 of sorts, as when the people have your back, you’ll be able to expand your reach, solidify yourself as a pillar within your community, and continue to give back while pushing your business as far as it can go.

More benefits of community engagement

For more benefits of community engagement, check out this piece on the subject, also by Bang The Table. And when you’re ready to take the first steps to bettering your organization and your community,

GoodUp has the foundation you can begin to build upon, aiding you as you raise funds for worthy causes, create volunteer projects, and become a better, purpose-driven business. Have a look at our community engagement solution or shoot us an email at