Increase employee engagement

Need a boost? Three ways to increase employee engagement


by GoodUp Info

Let’s not beat around the bush: we — as organisations, as professionals, as employers, as employees — have a big problem.

According to a 2016 Gallup report, “the world has an employee engagement crisis, with serious and potentially lasting repercussions on the global economy.” Only 13% of employees worldwide feel engaged within their organisations, the report states.

Ladies and gents, that ain’t good news. When employees are not engaged with their work, they are not happy. They’re not effective. They’re bad for your bottom line. And yes, that spells trouble.

But don’t lose your head just yet, because there’s a way out. And we’ve got the map. Follow it, and you’ll emerge with employees who are happy, who are fulfilled, who are engaged. Employees who unconsciously (yet willingly) act as brand ambassadors, spreading the good word of your organisation to any and all whom will listen.

So read on — below are important landmarks you must pass on your way to engagement.

Make employees seen and heard

We’ve written about this before, but its importance deserves another mention. Engaged employees are those who feel seen and heard. When employees are able to quickly and easily share their stories of success, they become brand ambassadors, creating visibility for your organisation from within. What’s more, exposing your employees to the success of their colleagues will breed a healthy sense of competition, generating inspiration and motivation for them to get out there and chase their purpose. With the right platform, your employees will be able to start or join projects that align with that purpose.

Breed ‘activation’

Boredom is a direct cause of complacency, which is the polar opposite of purpose and engagement. That means you’re going to need to do everything in your power to create a workplace that is interesting, fun, and, most of all, challenging. Start a friendly contest, set individual and communal goals (and rewards for achieving them) — it’s up to you, really.  Just as long as you’re striving to make your office a place where your employees can thrive mentally.

When employees are constantly challenged, possibilities open up. Inspiration strikes. Knowledge is shared. People learn. Great things happen. You’re essentially setting your employees, your organisation, and yourself up for success. Again, all of this is possible with the right approach to transforming purpose into action.

Break borders

An engaged workplace is one in which employees of all levels, in all areas, are able to easily, intuitively, and quickly communicate with one another. Whether this is with weekly office lunches, after-work drinks, or an app or online platform, such as the one GoodUp offers, your employees must be able to see what their colleagues are doing, what they’re working on, what drives them. Managers should be on the front lines, interns should be mingling with executives, members of HR should be having coffee with front-end developers — try to design your organisation to be one that is a fluid whole, rather than separate moving parts. That’s where engagement happens.

These tips, while time-tested and GoodUp approved, are not the only methods to achieving engagement. Do you have a comment or thought about engagement that you’re dying to share? Leave a comment or shoot us an email — we’d love to hear it. Of course, we’re always happy to help when you’re ready to dig in and get started. Plus, we have a ton of resources that can help you on your way. Give us a call!