Offer 1

Quickscan: discover starting point

The quickscan provides a starting point to a high quality purpose program in your company. A fresh look on your current CSR/Purpose programme and objectives, combined with industry- and purpose-trends will provide you with all the information you need to start putting Purpose into Action.

You get:

  • Clear overview status-quo
  • Insight into gaps
  • Recommendations
  • Proposal for high-level action plan

Price €2,500

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Offer 2

Purpose into Action Session:
all stakeholders aligned

Need to get your stakeholders aligned on your Purpose plans? In the session, you’ll get all the kingpins you need on board. We transform their input into a programme and action plan which includes a customised do-good platform.

You get:

  • Inspired and involved stakeholders
  • Draft programme and roll-out strategy
  • Purpose into Action plan
  • Visuals customised platform

Price €7,000

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Offer 3

solve a problem with all employees

The challenge is a competitive programme which runs for a few months, aimed at finding tangible solutions to burning questions or social challenges. Enable your employees to TeamUp in innovative ways, across departments and silos, to come up with the most brilliant ideas.

You get:

  • Customized challenge platform
  • Challenge concept strategy
  • Activation and engagement services
  • Customer support services
  • Communication support

Price €15,000

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