Service Level Agreement

(updated: May, 2019)


We strive to keep the platform up and running at all times. We guarantee an uptime of 99% (excl our scheduled downtime). For the uptime history and the actual uptime status please visit We want to keep the platform in the best shape possible, therefore we need to perform maintenance which could result in scheduled downtime. We always communicate this 24 hours up front.

Terms & policy

All information on security, terms of use & privacy we would like to refer to our Terms & Policy page.

Service Levels

We strive to resolve bugs Urgent and High bugs within the timeframe shown below. The information listed is based on workdays and Dutch office hours (Mon – Fri, 8 AM – 6 PM).

When experiencing downtime / or any immediate action is required you can reach your Customer Success Manager outside office hours (24/7).

Service levels
* The constraint of the bug solve is that all requested information to reproduce the bug is provided. The resolution time frame starts after the intake & acceptance of all relevant information by our Support team.
** GoodUp might not resolve a “normal bug” (for instance when a workaround lets you still operate the platform)

Target resolution times


Target resolution time

Determination of priorities

Priority of bugs:

When reporting a bug, please specify its priority based on the target resolution time schedule shown on the previous page. Our support team will determine the priority based on the information provided. In our support centre (Zendesk) you’ll find a template on how to report your bug in the best possible way.

Urgent Bug:
A blocker causing key functionalities:
*** of your platform to break down.
*** Key functionalities directly influence your engagement; visiting the homepage, donating via the donation button or applying for activities via the apply button.

High Bug:
A bug causing an important functionality of the platform to malfunction and thereby affecting a large group (at least 20%) of users.

Normal Bug:
A bug preventing a functionality of the platform from working optimally.


If you can’t access the homepage, then this constitutes as ‘urgent’ as it prevents you from using the platform entirely.

Should you encounter any problems submitting a project, we usually qualify this as ‘high’. You can still use the platform but your usage is hampered by these important functionalities malfunctioning.

If a donation isn’t displayed on the project page immediately after processing, then this would be an example of a ‘normal’ bug. Or if you have to click a button twice before it works. The functionality works, but not optimally.


Ticketing system:
Phone: +31 (0)20 715 8980
Availability: Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM.