Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to engage 1 billion people to live up to their purpose by 2030. Big talk huh?! Agreed, but with almost 70 thousand users on our platforms we’re quickly closing the gap!


Our 70 thousand users have committed to close to 170 thousand hours of volunteering activities. WOW! That equals binge watching all the episodes of Game of Thrones 2742 times.


This December, we reached a milestone that was envisioned in the early days of GoodUp. Our platforms have supported over €10 million in donations to social causes!


Here’s another big one for you. Our innovation speed is SUPERSONIC! We have committed 1851 changes to our repository in this year alone. Not into coding? Well never mind then, just read along…

We’re hungry!

Our community of purpose enthusiasts is growing. Unilever, EY, Shell, Accenture, Achmea and NN are just a few examples of the 31 beautiful brands that have joined our journey recently.

Aehm, nice!

Masterclasses on Sustainable Development Goals, accounting services for social ventures, beach clean-ups. Purpose projects come in all shapes and sizes. Over 3200 of them!

Disclaimer: Results presented on the 28st of December, 2018, with YTD metrics.