Pioneering organisations

We’re so happy and grateful for the amazing organisations we’re working with. A big thank you to all the pioneers that have their own GoodUp platform and who are teaming up for change. These platforms create the starting points for impact.


Businesses inspired

Via our newsletter, Purposed Events (Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Kenya) and our social channels, we’re continuously sharing our knowledge and interacting with organisations that want to do good, better.


Projects realised

So many awesome, good ideas turned into action. Tangible projects, with tangible results. And be aware: there are currently 2105 projects running, this is true work-in-progress.


Hours volunteered

That’s quite a lot. But really, who’s counting?! Well, we are. This equals 5736 days, and… 15.7 years. Really! In just one year…


Euro crowdfunded

Over 1.5 million euro was shared with all projects to get the good goin’. A big thank you for all the people that donated so generously.


People engaged

So many people were doing good stuff. Quite a number, right? We have very strict rules regarding the count of ‘engaged people’. Simply saying that you like GoodUp does not count πŸ˜‰.

I want to be in these results stats in 2018 as well

That’s great. Join the team of pioneers. Let’s team up for change (or start with a coffee β˜•).


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Disclaimer: Results presented on the 21st of December, 2017, with YTD metrics.