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Purposed Kenya: how to go from CSR 2.0 to 3.0


by GoodUp Info

On the 30th of November, it finally happened! The first Purposed Kenya meetup in Nairobi. Several local corporates discussed CSR and the future of Purpose into Action. Our local Business Developer Lina summarised some key insights of this meetup.

1. Purpose clearly understood on a personal level, lacking on corporate level

The GoodUp team in Nairobi discussed with local corporates on what “purpose” means to them and how best to fit their purpose with what they do at work and in their organisations. One thing became very clear: purpose is key in everything we do. On an individual level, everyone understands the meaning and importance of purpose. Corporates understand what they need to do and communication lines need to be opened in order to better engage employees.

2. Companies look for ways to do good while fulfilling their corporate strategies

There is a clear need to align companies’ corporate strategy with their purpose. Currently, CSR is often seen as complete separate from the core business. Someone from an insurance company stated that most of the corporate communication received was on profit maximisation and marketing. We discussed the preferable situation where all levels of the organisation are included in CSR initiatives. There are so many great opportunities for there to be more purpose driven organisations in the East African business hub.

3. Are corporates looking to move from CSR 2.0 to 3.0?

The discussion around where corporates are in CSR and employee engagement in Kenya and the East African region is rampant and ongoing. There are a few companies who are at CSR 3.0 where they actually use their employees’ skills on do-good projects. Most CSR initiatives still focus on donations and volunteering. Some are starting with CSR 3.0 initiatives. We will actively support those frontrunners and showcase their good work to others in the region.

Where to next after Purposed Kenya? Let’s team up for change

Feedback from the event was clear! We have to do this bigger. Reaching more organisations and working together in transforming the corporates in the region. Together we can get a better understanding of Purpose and how we can all incorporate CSR with business strategies.

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