55 corporate professionals discussed the future of sustainability


by GoodUp Info

Becoming more sustainable can be really challenging, especially when you’re in a very traditional industry or working for a company that has a lot of legacy. But you can and you should work on your sustainability, since it is key to stay profitable in the long run.

On the 5th of October 2017, 55 senior CSR, HR, Innovation, Sustainability and Marketing professionals gathered for Purposed Conference, where we discussed the future of sustainability. On this national day of Sustainability, we like to share with you 3 key findings regarding working on sustainability. 

3 key findings regarding working on sustainability

1. The best suggestions for change come from employees

So many organisations have R&D and Innovation Departments where ‘the magic is supposed to happen’. But during the conference, we’ve heard many stories that it is very often various employees coming up with the best ideas to improve sustainability. Employees from all levels within the company. So pay attention to their ideas, encourage them to share and speak up, facilitate them to do so by providing the means and resources necessary.

2. Middle management’s role is crucial in the success of bottom-up sustainability

The role of middle management is seen as crucial in the success of bottom-up sustainability idea generation. This can go two ways: middle management can either be a burden or a catalysator. It is important to have incentives and metrics that ensure a focus on sustainability, otherwise it is doomed from the start.

3. Ambassadors are key within the change to become more sustainable

Change doesn’t happen over night. You need time, dedication and… people that promote every step of the journey. How to get these so called ambassadors? You can’t just drop the question “who’d like to be our ambassador?” Instead, you should actively hunt and seek out those people that already take great steps towards improved sustainability.

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