Your customised platform to activate impact-driven business

Drive action and track your success with our complete purpose activation suite.


Organise your impact

Manage all impact and purpose projects on one central platform. Get a clear overview of all of your projects with powerful software that lets you activate employees and boost impact and purpose throughout your organisation.


Time-based activities

Ask people for their time and/or skills to organise an event.

Crowdfunding & Collect

Raise money or collect items for your initiative.

Deeds & Challenges

Engage people on a small do good act and make a big impact together.

Teams vs Individual

Set-up time-based activities in which multiple teams can volunteer together.


Activate your employees

Drive meaningful engagement. Enable your people to act on their passion by meaningfully contributing.


Matching engine

With our improved match-making features, the most relevant projects based on location, skills and interests will automatically pop up on top of the activity overview page.

Self-starting activism

Let your people meaningfully contribute with bottom-up project creation.

Personal purpose

Increase your impact by involving more of your people on your platform. Our experts help to set-up awareness and engagement workshops and campaigns.


Communicate your why

Grow your community and your impact. Share new success stories every day in one central place.


Celebrate success

Multitude of options to share progress and milestones through email, social media, and internal collaboration tools.

Company purpose hub

One central space to visually and interactively communicate corporate purpose.

Build community

Connect with your colleagues on your common purpose. Encourage and applaud each other’s efforts.


Report and measure impact

Impact reporting, made easy. Track and visualise your success across common impact metrics.

Easy, accessible dashboards

Drive your program’s success with immediate insights into successful contributions, engagement, and user behaviour on the platform.

Customised impact reports

Export all your impact data and create customised reports per impact theme with just a few clicks.

Detailed insights

Track key metrics to understand and act on impact & engagement across your key themes, regions, offices, and many more dimensions.

Extensive knowledge base

Never lose your way with our comprehensive documentation. Get access to product updates and inspiration to take your program to the next level!

Personal data. Safe

We take your data seriously. GoodUp adheres to the highest security standards.

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“With the platform that GoodUp built, we can manage more do-good projects in less time. It creates an overview of all that we do, and it shows the cumulative results. Furthermore, the Customer Success Services that we received – like workshops, challenges and boosters – has inspired employees to start projects that are not only making an impact, but are also very relevant to our business”

Laura van den Hurk, CSR Manager at Accenture NL


Laura van den Hurk Accenture GoodUp

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