Purpose activation platform

Purpose activation, the new way

Transform purpose into behavior. Drive action and track your success with our complete purpose activation platform suite.

Learn how to use the platform for:

✔ Purpose activation

✔ Employee engagement

✔ Reporting

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Key features

Group projects under your corporate purpose themes on the platform. Let everyone in the organisation contribute to society by matching their actions to your company purpose.

Gather all your employees purpose stories on a clear project wall and share them throughout the company.

Flexible reporting features that evolve with your ambitions, giving you the freedom to report on the metrics important to your business.

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What makes our platform special


Acting on purpose, made easy

Create one central space for all purpose initiatives and provide an acting perspective for everyone.



Share real stories of purpose

Have a company impact wall, with all purpose activities and integrate with the places your employees are.



Build the purpose business case

Export all your impact data and create customised reports per impact theme. Create reports that suit your business needs with our flexible reporting module.



“We were looking for a technology solution that would help us engage our employees all over the world on the new company purpose. GoodUp has not only delivered, but exceeded our expectations since day one.”

Mitch Oliver, Global VP Corporate Brand & Purpose



Activating purpose in your company starts here

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