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Power, purpose and talent – the GoodUp way


by GoodUp Info

A 2012 Gallup employee engagement assessment “found that employees scoring in the upper echelons of engagement levels had double, triple, and even quadruple odds of success compared with workers in the bottom half of the bucket.”

That’s a lot more success.

But where to start? What do you do to begin to get your employees engaged? And how can you leverage that engagement for the better of the organization?

Get emotional

At GoodUp, we believe an engaged employee is one who is emotionally connected with his or her work. If an employee genuinely cares about what he or she is doing, they’re talking about it. They’re going the extra mile. They’re spreading the word of your organization. And that’s exactly what we want.

We achieve this through active engagement that is connected to your organization’s purpose.

Purpose is power

By blending work into play, play into work, GoodUp is able to actively engage all employees in your organization’s purpose. This gives them a sense of pride, of power. When employees have opportunities to choose where their talents and skills will be most effective and appreciated, they have purpose. A strong sense  of purpose, in turn, drives productivity. And productivity drives your bottom line.

With GoodUp, employees turn their purpose toward projects that share their ideals or concerns. By joining or creating a project, that purpose can be used to further a common goal. These projects provide a platform on which skills, time, and money can be gathered and organized, turning plans into reality.

Successful organizations focus on synchronicity, on harmony — on the machine as a whole — ensuring that relationships on all fronts are symbiotic, working together to drive you along. GoodUp provides the blueprints that allow you to build that machine.

All the while, you’re monitoring, tracking, giving feedback.

You’re observing, in real time, what your employees are working on in relation to your company’s purpose and, what makes them happy.

You’re developing an understanding of what makes them tick.

In other words, you’re objectively measuring success.

With access to these invaluable insights, often gathered automatically, you will have the tools you need to put your employees – and ultimately your organization — in position to achieve anything you want to achieve.

Talent show

So your employees are happy, you’re happy, the customer is happy — the world is a better place. You’re the definition of “successful.” And you can prove it. In addition to providing your organization with a bit of well-earned publicity, sharing your employees’ success stories will attract talent, the best of the best of any given industry. They’ll be flocking to you, all in hopes of furthering the success you’ve been churning out.

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