Personal purpose of our Business Developer in East Africa


by GoodUp Info

GoodUp recently expanded to East Africa, and our local Business Developer Lina Ng’inja shares with you her personal purpose story and her mission in the East African market.

There is always that defining moment when you realize what you are meant to do in life and how the difference should be made, having an answer to why you get up in the morning.

Preceded by this moment is another; trying to find a purpose, questioning your being, why are you here? The meeting of these two points is, in my opinion, a true reflection of why I was created. When purpose meets destiny, you find reason.

This is a powerful statement and one that I deeply believe. As a child I always wanted to “help people”, to improve lives. I wanted my personal legacy to read that I am well-remembered, not only for my academic achievements but in my socio-economic contributions through my life and work.

Merging my education in Finance and my life’s purpose of improving lives has been challenging but satisfying. It has let me to the job I recently started: being the first Business Developer for the East African Region at GoodUp.

For GoodUp, the decision to expand to East Africa was an easy one: we were already in a close relationship with Nailab en knew the region fairly well. We are fond of the eagerness among the entrepreneurs and combined with the need and opportunities for (social) innovation, the region seems to be the way to go.

My position involves the introduction and development of new partnerships with corporates, cities and funds in the East African region.

I am keen to get corporates in the region to know about GoodUp and to discuss with them how they can involve employees in creating positive impact in our societies. Reducing the footprint and improving the handprint by using local strategies and actions to have an impact on a global level.

Do you know or work at a large corporate in East Africa? Get in touch with me! Over the next few months I am keen to speak to you about GoodUp and how we can help out in the journey of doing good as a business while also boosting employee engagement, aligned with your corporate strategy.

I believe GoodUp has given me an opportunity to match my skills and experience in the corporate sector with my purpose; a great combination. Let’s make a difference.

We are turning purpose into action, starting with myself!