Activate purpose in your people

Purpose is the new employee engagement. Activating the purpose of your people at work happens with GoodUp.

HR Employee Purpose

Drive a vibrant culture of skill-based, bottom-up contribution

On the GoodUp platform your people use their unique skills to contribute to a societal cause they care for. This creates a new employee experience, engages employees and releases a remarkable amount of energy that generates business value.

Laura Grootenboer
CSR Deloitte Impact Foundation
“Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a big increase in participation. Employees spent thousands of hours more on impact projects, which is great.”

Leverage purpose to attract & retain talent

Attract and retain talent that cares about your company purpose. With GoodUp, you can show the impact your company makes and continuously share recent, new, and authentic impact stories from within your company. Let co-workers inspire new hires with their impact experiences and shape a unique employer brand.

Anniek Mauser
Sustainability Director Unilever Benelux

“When you see that 90% of the people has participated actively on the platform in only a couple of months, then you know that this was the right route and it can really be done.”

Unleash your talent development program

The GoodUp platform offers a new approach to talent development. It gives your people a space to take ownership, develop their talent and act on their personal purpose. They gain new skills by collaborating on innovative initiatives, in cross-functional teams.

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