The first HR platform that engages people via purpose

An entirely new way of engaging your people

✔ Increase employee well-being via do-good activities

✔ Drive societal awareness within future leaders

✔ Connect personal purpose to company purpose

Make people happy, activate purpose

Doing good makes people happier. Our platform is the easiest way to create, join and share impact initiatives throughout the organisation.

The most inspiring leaders to follow are those with a sense of purpose. Being a good leader starts with a firm commitment to this purpose. It is not enough to just say it, you have to act on it, too. GoodUp helps you to let employees ACT OUT their purpose at work.

Give your people the opportunity to engage in your company’s purpose and you’ll find it easier to create a purpose-driven organisation. Encourage your people to contribute ideas and provide creative solutions; chances are they’ll have ideas you’ve never considered!

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“At Accenture we educate our talent to become conscious intrapreneurs. Via the GoodUp platform we encourage our people to do good. It’s integrated in our on-boarding program. It’s also the central space for our purpose strategy.”

Laura van den Hurk, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Accenture

Laura van den Hurk Accenture GoodUp

Purpose Powered By People

A decade of experience in corporate purpose activation, summarised in a step-by-step playbook. Learn how to activate purpose with your people.

What makes our platform special


Build engagement with online and online activities

Allow your people to create, join and share projects that help people, planet and your company. Let them contribute to a good cause with their unique personal skills. And collaborate with other people that share their passions and expertise.



Drive a culture of contribution

One good deed inevitably leads to another. All you need is a little nudge. Trigger a chain reaction of good deeds, on one central space for all societal and environmental projects.


Build new skills

Let people find their own way to impactful projects they care about, and build their skills in collaboration with colleagues across the globe.


Report on metrics that matter

Use standard reports to track the impact you’re making. Or get the most out of your impact data with a flexible reporting module.


Activating purpose in your company starts here