Blue Monday - Cody Davis

Blue Monday: how to be happier at work


by GoodUp Info

It’s the 15th of January 2018: Blue Monday. On this day, you might feel a little down and sad. How to boost your mood (while you’re at work)?

Nurses are happier than bankers

“Doing meaningful work and giving is the key in obtaining happiness”, Guido Weijers explained on Radio 538 yesterday morning. Guido gives masterclasses in happiness. Being happy is something we all strive for. There are many theories out there. Most of them agree on the fact that giving really makes you happier. And of course, the receiving party benefits as well.  A true win-win situation.

How does this reflect in your job? Guido mentions that nurses often experience higher job satisfaction and happiness than bankers. Nurses are helping people all day, providing care and support. Bankers might not experience this direct giving-experience as frequent, resulting in less happiness in their jobs.

Give something on Blue Monday

Are you a nurse or a banker? We’d love to hear your experiences regarding this claim Guido makes. But chances are, you’re in a different job. How can you boost your mood today? Well, it is really simple! Just give or help someone today. It can be big or small, it can be free or expensive, you decide. Try it out, see what it brings you.

GoodUp provides structural giving

Do you wonder how Blue Monday relates to GoodUp? It is not only the colour of our branding 😉 . GoodUp’s aim is to spread happiness and positive impact by giving and sharing. We build websites on which people can easily share their time, money and expertise on specific projects. It’s that easy!

If you’re triggered by the giving-thought but you don’t have a concrete idea in mind: take a look at some of the projects on our open platforms such as, Voor je Buurt or something further from home (for most of us): Bright Future Afghanistan.

Let’s clear those blue feelings and have an awesome Monday!