How GoodUp’s Leonoor helps realise a social enterprise in Peru


by GoodUp Info

“No words, but real action!” (niet lullen maar poetsen😉) – this credo is key for our colleague Leonoor den Ottolander,  Business Developer. Before joining GoodUp, Leonoor spent her days as a hard working sustainability consultant. Back in 2014, during her commute on the train, she pondered: “What can I do to contribute to EY’s purpose; to build a better working world? How can I give back? Share my time, my skills and expertise to a cause I feel personally connected with?”

How Leonoor used her skills to give back

Leonoor contacted the EY Foundation to find out if there were any opportunities to work in social entrepreneurship, preferably sustainable business development in Latin America, as a way to give back to her roots. The foundation matched her to a Dutch social entrepreneur, called Mama Alice, participating in a business plan competition.

NGO Mama Alice provides access to the labour market for youngsters living in Peru. By building a social enterprise, a sustainable ecolodge and restaurant, which offers touristic vocational trainings, thousands of deprived youngsters receive education and job opportunities. The profit will flow back in the educational and psychosocial programs of the NGO and creates significant social impact.

Doing a side project at work results in higher job satisfaction

EY allowed her employees to work on these projects during business hours. Leonoor worked with a multi-disciplinary EY volunteer team to get the business plan investor-ready. This was really fulfilling as she collaborated with colleagues from other EY departments and practiced her consultancy skills while making a tangible social impact.

The project is progressing really well. Mama Alice is currently crowdfunding on 1%Club platform. The construction of the ecolodge and the restaurant will start very soon. You can help out as well: check out the project (currently at 79% of their target!).

Improve employee engagement via do good projects

Leonoor’s story is very inspirational. And we’ve got so many more of such stories! GoodUp helps over 44 organisations with their employee- and customer engagement, enabling people to do projects with a positive impact. A positive impact on their own lives, the organisation and on society as well.

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