Accenture: 40 global do-good projects and €32k raised


by GoodUp Info

“‘It’s fantastic to be able to make a difference by simply connecting the right people and platforms. We strongly believe in the ‘Skills to Succeed’ project we run through GoodUp – which has already raised over €32,000 through crowdfunding and successfully launched over forty projects around the world. Accenture’s employees have a strong desire to “do good” – like most employees these days. It’s one of the many reasons why we highly value our partnership with GoodUp,’ says René Hoogeveen, Accenture’s Sponsor of the partnership.

‘Accenture’s employees possess knowledge, skills and expertise that can truly contribute to a greater world, and thus, Accenture and GoodUp is a perfect match. With this collaboration, we have the opportunity to maximize our impact even more. When they kick-start a new project, Accenture expands its reach, too. It’s a classic win-win situation.’”

Accenture’s Inge Abraham wrote a beautiful blog about the partnership between Accenture and GoodUp. These two paragraphs are just a selection. If you’re interested:

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