Become our neighbour! Workspace for rent

Great workspace for a nice small company in the heart of Amsterdam
(120 m2 | 10 – 18 persons – from December 1st)

Looking for a cool workspace for your company? And fancy some really nice neighbours? 

We are GoodUp and come to work everyday to a beautiful historical warehouse in the centre of Amsterdam. Next to our office, on the second floor, we have a open space of 120 m2 for rent. It’s right in the center of Amsterdam, with great accessibility and within walking distance of Central Station. 

The whole building has a quite impressive appearance. It is a former warehouse of the West India Companies from the 17th century with original wooden floors, wood-beamed ceilings and shuttered windows. The space we have to offer is a L-shaped office with a surface area of 120 m2. It has an open atmosphere, high ceilings and windows at the long side of the space. Apart from this, as our new neighbours you will share the kitchen and toilets with us. And, we challenge you for a game of ping pong in our common space downstairs. This unique ground floor can be used for small events, meetings or other sessions if you would like. 

The companies on the other floors all are small, with a focus on innovation and communication.

Let’s have a coffee. Welcome! 

Call or send an email:+31627021967 or