GoodUp Customer Meetup | the product edition


by GoodUp Info

At GoodUp, we have long found that collaboration is the best way to learn and grow. We therefore feel it’s important to not only regularly meet with our customers, but to also encourage them to share challenges and best practices amongst each other.

That is why GoodUp organises a Customer Meetup twice a year, centred around a theme or trend our customers are working on. Last Thursday the fourth edition of the Meetup took place at the GoodUp HQ.

About last Thursday

This edition we really opened up, by focussing on our customers’ experiences. How do they use our product, what challenges do they encounter when rolling out their programmes, how do they best communicate with their employees, what stories speak to employees most, what are their ambitions for the coming years? Everyone shared and learned in a number of interactive sessions.

An interesting best practice shared was that ‘making yourself visible’ is an essential part of your programme’s success. Show your employees who the people on the team are, who the initiators and beneficiaries of projects are, and do so both online and offline. By bringing them along in your story, you create a human experience and connection that will ignite people’s motivation to actively take part in the activities.

For us it was once again amazing to see how big, impactful companies join forces around the common theme of purpose. We are extremely happy to be surrounded by this engaged community of frontrunners.

A purposeful future

Looking at our expanding ecosystem of customers and users we can clearly see there is a growing awareness in the corporate space that profitability is no longer the top priority, but goes hand in hand with societal motives. This showed when we invited our customers to dream about the future together.

When asked to envision their ideal future for CSR within corporates, everyone agreed that in ten years time CSR should ideally have become non-existent. By then, it will no longer be an individual topic or a separate department within a company, but the core business will be driven by CSR and the value drivers revised. There will have been a radical shift in the system whereby CSR has become the only way of doing business.

Our customers’ ideal perfectly aligns with what we see as purpose and what should become the norm for all companies operating in society. We can’t wait to continuously work together with them on realising this ideal.

We would like to thank our customers for another successful and inspiring Customer Meetup and look forward to welcome then once again in 2019!