Boost employee engagement by linking personal purpose to corporate purpose!

Our software platform encourages employees to work on projects they really care about, while contributing value to your corporate purpose. It enables you to attract and retain talent, boost sustainable employability and lower the cost of disengagement.

Employee engagement solution
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Attract and retain talent

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Boost sustainable employability

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Lower costs of disengagement

Engage employees on purpose

GoodUp shows that the highest engagement is reached when personal purpose is activated while working on projects linked to corporate purpose. 
You’re most engaged when:

1. There’s an overlap between personal and organisational purpose.

2. You feel the autonomy to start purpose initiatives.

3. Your personal skills multiply the impact of these initiatives.

A lot of companies find it challenging to put their purpose into action. HR is in a perfect position to empower employees to pursue purpose. GoodUp knows how to do just that.