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Employee Engagement in The Netherlands is on the rise


by GoodUp Info

According to a study by Aon – among 5 million employees at 1000 organizations – employee engagement is on the rise worldwide, with 2017’s level rising to 65%, after dipping in 2016. In Europe, engagement has been bouncing back and forth between 58 percent to 60 percent since 2014, but has generally improved since 2011. Once again it’s the lowest-scoring region in the world, but it has seen some dramatic improvements among a handful of countries. Among the top improving countries globally, Europe was home to four of them. The Netherlands improved by seven points! A significant improvement and an encouraging result.

Ken Oehler, Global Culture & Engagement practice leader at Aon, commented: “The concept of employee engagement is often confused with satisfaction or happiness, but it’s really about an employee’s psychological investment in their organization and motivation to produce extraordinary results. Companies with above average engagement levels will see better employee productivity, lower turnover rates and higher customer satisfaction scores – all factors that can significantly contribute to improved financial performance.”

And you don’t have to take his word for it. Countless studies back up his conclusion: engaged employees are more satisfied, productive, innovative, and ultimately, profitable. The most striking study is done by Gallup and dives into the effect of employee engagement on 11 key business metrics.

engagement effect on key business outcomes

Given the importance of employee engagement, there is clearly still a lot of work to do. So how to we keep up the pace? How to keep improving the engagement of your employees? A good place to start would be to define your purpose. More information about that subject can be found in other blogposts on our website. Another would be doing good.

If you are interested in finding out more about what doing good can do for your company, feel free to contact us.