Digital Transformation includes Purpose – for the biggest impact


by GoodUp Info

Digital Transformation is all over the place. You might not directly link us, GoodUp, to Digital Transformation, but actually, there are a lot of common ground. Being a SAAS company for Good, we are happy to elaborate why Digital Transformation is a must and why this is also a precondition when it comes to reaching your Purpose objectives.

2018 will force companies into Digital Transformation

“Whereas digital transformation may once have been just a buzzword in some (lagging) boardrooms in 2017, 2018 will force many companies to realise DX is no joke. It’s an imperative in today’s business market. Disruption will continue to be an increasingly common occurrence in the next few years, and companies unable or unprepared for those changes will quickly fall to the bottom of the pack”, Daniel Newman, Forbes, states.

So yes, the urgency is really here. 60–70% of executives agree that digital transformation is imperative for business success in terms of staying ahead of competition, adopting advanced technologies and aligning with present and future business shifts.

Essence of Digital Transformation

So what is Digital Transformation in its essence? Simply put, it is all about utilising the technology and its advancements for revamping the business and purpose strategy, models, operations, products, marketing approach, objectives etc. Digital transformation is an end-to-end process that involves every business activity initiated, executed and evaluated.

7 benefits of Digital Transformation

Working on digital transformation impacts both the present and future success of your business. It boosts growth, impact and ROI. Following the definition in the last paragraph: start by making the best of all the tech out there! Doing so will benefit the following:

1. Efficiency

2. Faster decision making

3. Extended reachability

4. Customer satisfaction

5. Employee satisfaction

6. Profits and ROI

To end this list, digital transformation will positively work on your Purpose ambitions. Making smart use of tech will:

7. Multiply positive impact

After all, the road to creating impact is the same as the one that leads to growth and profits. You need to decide:

  • where you put your efforts in
  • listen to the ideas and desires of your customers and employees
  • tune in with ‘society’s’ trends
  • gather and work with data that will support your decision making
  • measure again if it all works out the way you envisioned it to

.. and then start the circle all over again.

Digital component in Purpose strategy

Just as you wouldn’t dream to present your profit growth strategy without the accompanying digital strategy on how you want to make it work, you cannot design a purpose strategy without its digital, supporting component that will make your ambitions fly.

The reward for a Purpose strategy with a strong digital component is huge. You will have a company that has authentic, validated results on their Purpose. This will pay you back: you’ll be rewarded with a loyal customer base and happy employees that are proud of the company they work for.

How GoodUp’s technology contributes to Digital Transformation

Well, just a quick reminder of the results our tech can bring for your organisation:

  • boost efficiency in volunteering, giving and employee engagement programmes by automating administration
  • increase engagement by automated and high-visibility communication
  • increase ROI via loyal customers and more sales
  • optimalisation operations via improved employee satisfaction
  • boost employee happiness

Simply put: we enable you to start purpose projects with your employees, customers or the entire supply chain. Or any other type of community that you come up with! Our technology facilitates a lot of smart automations within all the project-processes. More about this here.

Get started!

‘Not doing good is simply not an option anymore’ as we like to say at GoodUp. Well, you might as well embrace a digital Purpose strategy from the start and do better than you ever did before.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Happy to help you Do Good, Better!