Your Customer Engagement solution

Building your brand(s), improving NPS and boosting revenue are your top priority. In our fast changing world, positive impact and sustainability become inevitable. Purpose-driven brands score 30-50% better financially, so start with creating impact stories together with your customers.

Customer engagement GoodUp - boost customer loyalty, NPS and sales

Doing more good and boosting revenues

Customer acquisition, retention and loyalty can be real struggles. Customers demand products and services that contribute to our earth, rather than destroy it. They are willing to pay 5-15% more for green and sustainable alternatives and become loyal ambassadors of purpose driven brands.

Our solution enables you to activate customers on your brand’s purpose, either B2C or B2B. Enable employees, partners and customers to do projects together. Improving the sustainability of the supply chain, working on innovative solutions or co-creating. Doing good and making money go hand in hand. The Customer Engagement solution facilitates it all.

Turning customers and partners into ambassadors improves business results and this will set you up for sustainable growth.

Three major benefits:

  • Boost revenues via increased customer loyalty and retention
  • Create brand value with all the good that you do, great storytelling
  • Customers become promoters and ambassadors
Customer engagement GoodUp - boost customer loyalty, NPS and sales