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First crowdfunding platform Afghanistan to support local startups


by GoodUp Info

Big News! We’ve launched the first crowdfunding platform in Afghanistan, together with the biggest employer of Afghanistan, Bayat Group. The platform is called Bright Future, and aims to support local Afghan entrepreneurs with their startups. We are so excited to be part of this movement, because our technology facilitates the rebuilding of the country that has suffered so much through war.

30 Entrepreneurs trained in 4 months

The launch of such a big platform does not happen overnight. The Consortium of Bright Future programme (Stichting Cordaid, the Bayat Foundation – this is the foundation of the Bayat Group, Stichting 1%Club and the Hamida Barmaki Organization for the Rule of Law) worked really hard to realise the platform. 30 entrepreneurs were trained for 4 months in creating their startups of which 24 started their campaigns.

So what startups are crowdfunding on the platform?

Happy Ice Cream company bringing back joy to Kabul

For most of us, war is a far way from home. We cannot even imagine how it would be to live in a war torn city. Various local startups focus on bringing back joy to cities such as Kabul. Happy Ice Cream company is one of them. Founder Hadi Hasam explains that many educated young people are jobless. Most lost their hope and leaving the country. Hadi planned to do so as well, but he realised that it is his responsibility as well to do something good to improve the situation.

Hadi loves ice cream, but he noticed that most ice cream is imported into Afghanistan and that they are really expensive. He wants to produce ice cream that is organic and produced locally, with local ingredients. This creates job opportunities, it helps to overcome the crisis and poverty, and it prevents the flow of money abroad.

His mission? Bringing customers happy moments with their unique ice cream.

Improving literacy rate by schooling dropouts

The literacy rate is ranging between 38-40% in Afghanistan. This is very low compared to other countries in the region. That means there is a huge need for education. The entrepreneurs of Hamrah Social Enterprise (HSE) aim to provide schooling for disadvantaged & poor, excluded students.

Student in low income families struggle to satisfy their basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. Many of them do not trust Government schools due to the poor quality of education. At the same time, they cannot afford to join private schools. Thus, HSE helps them to bypass all these problems and equip them with soft and hard skills.

Want to see more?

Are you excited and want to see more? Or do you want to support one of the projects? Visit the platform and browse around to see all the inspiring startups.

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