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What are cookies

We love cookies. And biscuits, for that matter. As such, don’t be surprised to find us treating you to some cookies upon visiting our platform. Cookies are small data files that are placed onto your computer. We employ all sorts of cookies, such as functional, analytical, social media and tracking cookies.

Placing cookies allows us to recognise you upon your return visit to our platform and will stop you from having to keep resubmitting the same information over and over again. It also helps us understand how you use our platform, thus enabling us to continuously improve on its functioning and user-friendliness.

Accepting cookies

If you’d like to use our platform, we’ll need you to accept our cookies. But don’t worry, that is not at all difficult. You can accept our cookies by simply clicking on the cookie notice that will appear on your first visit to our website.

Removing or disabling cookies

If you’d rather not allow us to place cookies on your computer, then that will not be a problem, either. You can simply disable cookies in your web browser settings. Please keep in mind, however, that that may affect the platform’s performance.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies enable a website to function properly. They help us remember that you have previously visited our website and stop you having to keep resubmitting your login details.

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies allow us to take stock of the visits made to our platform. They help us to determine which sections of our platform our visitors like best. That, in turn, allows us to improve the platform. We employ third-party software for this from companies like Google Analytics, Looker, Hotjar and VWO.

Social Media Cookies

Our platform allows you to share some of its pages on social media, using the social media buttons we have made available to you. They allow you to share our platform with the following social media platforms, e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp. Other examples of social media cookies we employ are YouTube and Vimeo (for video playbacks), Google Maps for display geographical data and Facebook for easy logins.

Tracking Cookies

We will, on occasion, on open platforms, also place cookies for marketing purposes They allow us to present you with advertising that is of more relevance to you on other platforms. These cookies allow us to, for example, track which adverts you have been shown and so prevent you from being shown the same ads over and over again. Facebook, Google and Twitter cookies are examples of tracking cookies.


We will from time to time amend this Cookie Policy due to, e.g. changes to our platform, or cookie legislation. Any major changes will be published here. That is why we recommend that you regularly visit this page to check for any updates to our cookie policy. That way, you can always decide to adjust your cookie settings accordingly.

Please also refer to the statements third parties (like for example the Social Media platforms) have published on their own websites regarding the cookies they place and the data these collect. Please beware that such statements may be regularly amended.


Please get in touch with us with any of your questions or suggestions.