Accenture on skills to succeed

Since 2010, Accenture has equipped, together with their strategic partners, more than 2.8 million people with the skills to get a job or build a business globally. By the end of fiscal 2020, they will equip 3 million people globally with workplace and entrepreneurial skills.

In the Netherlands, they have three areas where they want to make a significant impact towards this goal: fight youth unemployment, increase employability of talent groups and encourage social entrepreneurship. They are partnering with a variety of Dutch non-profits to build skills that enable individuals to participate in and contribute to the economy. Through their Skills to Succeed initiatives, Accenture volunteers are actively involved in making a meaningful difference.

Accenture purpose

“With the platform that GoodUp built, we can manage more do-good projects in less time. It creates an overview of all that we do, and it shows the cumulative results. Furthermore, the Customer Success Services that we received – like workshops, challenges and boosters – has inspired employees to start projects that are not only making an impact, but are also very relevant to our business””

Laura van den Hurk
CSR Manager Accenture NL

Activating purpose in your company starts here

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