Unleash purpose to build your brand

Embrace your employees’ purpose to amplify your brand purpose.

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Drive brand awareness and positive perception

People want to work for companies that share their personal values. Your employees are the key to increasing customer loyalty, building trust, and forging a connection between your brand and your audience. Create a place where innovation, idea sharing and brand purpose come to life.

Marketing Benefit GoodUp

Arjen Kieskamp
Vice President Ground Services Transavia
“Transavia wants to reduce its CO2 emission and at the same time keep flying accessible to everyone. With our new platform WeCare, every Transavia employee can contribute to this goal by creating and supporting sustainable solutions.”

Let employees live their purpose to grow unconditional brand advocacy

Leverage the selling power of your most valuable spokespeople: your employees. By connecting the personal purpose of employees to the company purpose you’ll unleash true values, beliefs, and aspirations of your people and brand.

Marketing Benefit GoodUp

Astrid Coelman
Program Manager Achmea Foundation
“We were really struggling to create awareness among our colleagues. In our search for an answer to this problem, we found GoodUp.”

Create authentic storytelling from within the company

With GoodUp your employees have amazing stories to tell, so your marketing machine never stops. They tell your stories in an authentic way — in all the right places where you find your customers.

Marketing Benefit GoodUp

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