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A game changer for the purpose economy


by GoodUp Info

Over the past weeks, a call was made (source 12) for business leaders to show bold leadership.

We took some time to dive into the topic.

After reading quite a few more of these articles we found that the kind of bold decisions that were called for, were not the ‘hard’ or financial ones. The only ‘right’ bold business decisions to make according to most, are the ones that protect employees and ensure long term societal benefits.

This is not just encouraging news.

It’s completely counter intuitive for a crisis to be seized as an opportunity to support and strengthen long-term thinking.

For us this feels like a game changer.

It solidifies our belief that we’ve passed a tipping point where societal impact (and value) finally outprioritise financial gain.

It looks like a majority of business leaders finally agree with KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz – CEO of Sustainable Life Media (the company behind When we interviewed her for our Purpose Expert Reads book series, she told us: [about twenty years ago ] “It dawned on me that we had a choice to make as humans. Either we run the planet and our species off a cliff, and we perish, or we move forward in a sustainable direction. And you know, the first alternative was not appealing.

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We firmly agree with Koann’s statement and the direction of the call for bold action.

Also, the most widely adopted jargon to refer to this only viable choice at the moment, is ‘purpose’. We conclude that now is the time to take bold action on your purpose as an individual as well as a business.

We’ve packed this article with somewhat more scientific rationales than the above for adopting a purpose-led perspective on your business.

Purpose Powered by People

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The Power Of Purpose: The Business Case For Purpose (All The Data You Were Looking For Pt 1)

This article by our good friend and purpose thought leader Afdhel Aziz has some overlap with our ebook above, and provides some additional insights from different business angles.

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How to activate employee purpose in your business

What is the power of employee purpose? If you like statistics, eat your heart out with this article on our blog. And if you like real life examples, then eat your heart out with the same article.

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