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235 million people with a clear acting perspective on sustainability


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In our last article, we wrote on how millions of environmentally conscious individuals struggle to make an impact within their spheres of influence. On how all of them are looking for an acting perspective.

On November third 2020 US citizens will vote, and some 235 million people have an acting perspective as easy as the stroke of a pencil. As the United States are the worlds second largest carbon emitter and sustainability has been politicized, implications for a sustainable future will be significant.

This purpose enthusiast weekly covers 2 questions on US elections and climate change.

Where do the US presidential candidates stand on sustainability?
It will not come as a surprise that Joe Biden and Donald Trump have opposing views on the matter of climate change.

President Trump’s repeated refusal to accept climate science could not be farther from the view held by opponent Joe Biden, who believes climate change “poses an existential threat.” The difference in opinion became clear again on Monday when Mr. Trump dismissed the scientific consensus on climate change at a briefing on California’s record-breaking wildfires Monday (source). Lately, the United States has been on an environmental rampage, cutting regulations for everything from methane emissions to car standards.

Also, this article on the implications of the outcome of the election for investors shows some of the potential effects of presidential attitudes on environmental, social and governance issues.

Where do US voters stand on sustainability?

Research this topic and you’ll obviously find a myriad of polls and other data sources reporting on a myriad of attitudes and interpretations. Here’s a few that we think cover most of the viewpoints:

– The presence of climate change is up for debate.

– Voters ranked climate change as the 15th most important issue in voting when asked about a total of 28 voting issues in the poll,

Fewer than half say climate change (42%) or abortion (40%) will be very important factors in their decision (though majorities say these issues will be at least somewhat important to them).

– Climate isn’t top of mind for the electorate in the 2020 presidential race.

U.S. concern about climate change is rising, but mainly among Democrats.

– The number of Americans who feel passionately about climate change is rising sharply, and the issue appears likely to play a more important role in this year’s election than ever before, a new survey shows.

Seven in 10 support government action to address crisis – and young Republicans are less accepting of their party’s inaction, according to new poll published in partnership with Covering Climate Now.

– In poll after poll, the results are clear: Climate change is one of the most important issues in the 2020 presidential election.

– Climate change takes centre stage amid California wildfires.

Although climate change will most probably not be the decisive voting topic in the upcoming elections, the long-term consequences of the outcome on the environment cannot be underestimated.

As the next four years amount to 40% of the time we have left to meet the goals set by the Paris climate agreement, let us hope that our environment will win as a side effect of the outcome on the third of November.

The rest of this article will cover some of the latest purposeful news in business.

New KPMG report: CEOs are leading with purpose

At the beginning of the year, we found that most CEOs were seeing the primary objective of their organization shift from purely profit to also consider their purpose in society. Less than a quarter (23 percent) saw the organization’s overall objective in narrow ‘managing for shareholder value’ terms, with 54 percent taking a broader, purpose-driven approach focused on multiple stakeholders. Furthermore, one in five (22 percent) say that their primary objective is to improve society.

More recently, purpose has helped CEOs understand what needs to be done to meet the needs of stakeholders during the crisis, from employees to communities.

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Watch the new Patagonia movie on the fight for public lands in the US

In one of their efforts to serve their purpose ‘Patagonia is in business to save our home planet ‘, Patagonia released a full-length documentary about America’s system of public lands and the fight to protect them.

📹 Watch the trailer to see if this is for you

Bonus video: How Accenture and 7 other leading companies in The Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition leverage their purpose to make positive impact on society